Platforms Overview & Appropriated Frameworks

Okay, I already have a very precise idea of what my first game will be, I'll post about it later, it will be something very simple, mainly to find my feet. But before I start anything, I need to choose two crucial things : first, the platform, on which OS(s) will the game run ? on which kind of device(s) ?, second, of course, the langage, just so I can choose the appropriate tools, softwares and SDK.


Hello World!

This blog will keep you informed of my journey as an indie game developer in the already too crowded game dev industry.
Here's a list of some topics that you can expect to find here in the future :
  •     game dev software / hardware
  •     game difficulty
  •     game ai
  •     bug checking ai
  •     programming
  •     level design
  •     design for non-designers
  •     game dev facts & figures
My favorite genres include jrpg, adventure, stealth and a bit of simulation, so i guess my games will most likely either be strongly story-driven or have a deep gameplay or a little of both. You can find more about my experience as a gamer on The Last Save Point, which is a more personal blog that I share with my husband <3.